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Sincere business ingenuity production

Founded in 2005, the company has been adhering to the concept of integrity management since its birth, relying on intensive cultivation, excellence "craftsman spirit", in the fierce competition in the shoe machine industry growth. After more than ten years of development, through the baptism of the global financial crisis in 2008, the cold winter of manufacturing industry, the difficulties of industry transformation and other crises, it has developed into a well-known enterprise which integrates R&D, production, sales and service in the industry, and has been certified as a private technology enterprise in Dongguan, known as the base of the world shoe industry. And become a leader in the industry. It has won the trust of renowned customers from many countries, such as BELLE, etc.

International vision and development

In recent years, domestic large-scale shoe enterprises have transferred production bases to Southeast Asia and other places, in order to adapt to market demand and better serve customers, the company from the interests of customers, in the industry to take the lead out of the country. Establish R&D and sales bases in Hong Kong (Hong Kong Meng Cheng Technology Co., Ltd.) and production, manufacturing and service bases in Vietnam's coastal defense city (Vietnam Meng Cheng Machinery Co., Ltd.) respectively, and introduce Taiwan's industry elite with high salary. By integrating the market, information and human resources of the mainland, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Vietnam, we can further improve product quality and service efficiency and reduce production costs.

Innovation leads to upgrading

Innovation leads to upgrade innovation is the life of enterprises, the company relies on innovation-driven, after years of research and development investment, has been a number of national patented technology. And participated in the drafting of an industry standard issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology of People's Republic of China. At the same time of continuous research and innovation, the company also actively introduces the world's leading technology, in 2016, hand in hand with Italian Automation Company, into the shoe industry automation equipment production ranks, boost the transformation and upgrading of shoe enterprises, jointly create "Chinese quality".

main products

Various production lines, freezing and shaping machines, heating and shaping machines, vacuum heating and shaping machines, EVA outsole shaping machines, UV irradiation machines, industrial dehumidifiers and automatic production lines, and provide shoemaking equipment factory output.

Cooperative customers

  • Belle
  • aokan
  • ST&SAT
  • iixviix
  • mooffy
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