Meng Chengzhu you, happy new year, Everything will be fine!


 The shoe factory equipment, heat setting machine, freezing shaping machine

Dear customers and friends:

On the occasion of the Spring Festival is approaching, Dongguan Meng Cheng Machinery Technology Co. Ltd. to thank our customers for a long time for our attention and support! Thank you, along the way! The new year, we will work harder to provide better service for you!

In order to let the company of all my colleagues and I can go home early, happy family and spend a happy and peaceful Spring festival. It was decided that our 2019 Spring Festival holiday arrangements are as follows:

Holiday time: Two 019 years January 28th (Monday) holiday, February 14, 2019 (Zhou Si) The normal work, please note, thank you! A total of 17 days.

At the Spring Festival approaching, Dongguan Meng into mechanical technology Co. Ltd. all the staff wish you all :

In the new year and on the upgrade, work smoothly, good health, family harmony harmony, love is sweet, life perfect beauty!

The main products : Shoe factory equipment , Heat setting machine , Freezing shaping machine , vacuum molding machine, steam softening machine, infrared production line

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